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Got rained out

Not that I am going to complain today.  We really did need it.  It has been so dry I actually tossed round bales in the fields two months early.  The horses aren’t very interested yet, but at least it’s there.  But it means I am stuck in the office.

I’ve got four horses on the adoption page now, and for the right person, they can walk out the door!  They are all good guys.  They just need the right job.  Smash I hope to take to the hunter pace this weekend.  We will just putt around and possibly hop something tiny if I am reasonably certain he’s up to the task.  Mostly it is about seeing how the horse reacts to the crowds, other horses, travel.  The job isn’t important.  If we wind up walking all the way, or even just getting back on the trailer after wandering around for a bit, at least I have a better feel for the horse and can find him a better human match.  But I think my little friend is up for the job.

Flash may go to the Mary Schwentker clinic Sunday.  I called, and they still have room in the baby green I don’t know anything have never left home before class (my speed).  Since I know a little about his past, and have hauled him away for a lesson, I am sure he can handle this.  The baby jumps are very small.  It is more about building the horse’s confidence.  And the water complex is perfect.  Flash need remedial water training 101, and with several buddies there to follow, he will be fine.

So that’s the news.  Guess I have to clean something now.

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