Hey! I just got a surprise visit from Dr. Kovich (VA dept of agriculture) and Deputy Dahl (Orange County Animal Control). They popped in to check the herd. So I drove them around (in the rain. Seems it’s always raining around here) and showed them. They seemed pretty happy with everything. The horses are fat, their feeties have been trimmed, and they are all head to toe mud. If they’re happy, I’m happy. I’ll go back to cleaning tack.

Gator is still sore on her right front. These darn abscesses are a real pain in the butt. I guess it did not completely drain. But how can you tell? I mean she was sound, finally, without the shoe. So, shoe back on. She is sound in a straight line and going to the left. She decided after the right lead canter that enough was enough, so I hopped straight off. Not gonna push a sore horse into a bad attitude. But I just can’t make her better and it’s killing me.

Other than that, life here on the farm is dandy, the horses are fine, the grass is green, and it is dark already at 4:15 pm. What is with that? Anybody know more people are born in September than any other month? Wanna guess why? There’s nothing else to do when it is dark at 4pm!!! At least not before television. This week is the Harry Potter movie marathon. I’ve seen everything but the last two, and I don’t think those will be broadcast until 12/4. So back to NCIS, and a new book: The Kite Runner. Just finished The Other, by Guterson. I think his Snow Falls on Cedars was better. Anyone have a good book suggestion? I won’t read romance “novels.” I’m more Tom Clancy/John Grisham. Janet Evonovitvch is hilarious. Read Hemingway’s In Our Time again. I had to borrow some from J3, as I’ve gone through everything in the house. Time to hit the library again.

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