Ground poles are terrifying

If your name happens to be Flash.  I think his show name should be Forrest Freaking Gump.  I gave up last fall because a single pole on the ground was reason to throw one’s head in the air, run at it, and either jump way into the air or trip over it, depending on how badly one misjudged the exercise.  And then launch into a trade-marked Storm Cat temper tantrum.  So we concentrated on going in circles (when we had shoes and the weather didn’t stink.  My whole “Farrier Fall” was interesting, to say the least).  So, it took me an entire week, but today he trotted poles and didn’t spaz.  We actually got up to four poles with no spaz.  Can I get a hallelujah? Can I get an amen?

Big sigh of relief.  Problem is, if you don’t keep repeating the exercise, he forgets.  Then you start over, but this time it only takes half the time.  But you still start over.  And if you spend a half hour practicing leg yields and turn on the forehands, and then SUDDENLY use BOTH legs to go forward (because he got confused and is stuck and forward is ALWAYS better than backwards in my opinion) he gets angry because obviously he can’t go left and right at the same time!  Stupid human.  So yeah, he can be a problem child.  Aside from being a Storm Cat, he has the IQ of a doorknob.  I really should be granted my horsie psych PhD for this one.

Glory, on the other hand, said no problem.  Trot trot trot right over everything, no rushing, no nervousness. “It’s just a stupid pole on the ground, after all.  What’s the big deal?”  Nothing, Glory, you are correct.

Weather permitting, I will get on Avi next week.  She is no longer in season, it is warming up, and tacking and wandering around the ring, over poles, whatever, she has completely stopped fretting.  I can lie across her back and pet her all over and she’s fine.  Time for me to move past the fact she tried to kick me into the middle of the next century last year, and forgive.  I think her ulcers are better, she is no longer in pain, and she has been very friendly, so it is quite possible that any attitude going into this game is entirely mine.  I can own that.  Deep breath, Kim, Avi is not the same horse that came here 18 months ago.  Of course, that little voice in my head keeps telling me the ground isn’t getting any softer, either.  Sigh.  Getting old sucks.

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