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Happy Columbus Day.

Someone explain to me why we all get a day off from work for this one (well, not ALL, all people who care for animals show up bright and early for every holiday, including xmas and new year’s)? 600 plus years ago an Italian guy did not die at sea (okay, yeah, I’ve now irritated all Italians on the planet. Sorry about that, but really…)?

Anyway, the really great news is that Little Miss Gator appears to be back in action! Took her out for a hack, dropped the reins by accident and suddenly found myself in high gear (Gator is a self shifter, as long as all the shifting is UP). Yay.

And Swing went hunting again on Saturday. Her third time out. As she was starting to mistakenly think hunting was all excitement, I took her hilltopping. We spent an hour and a half standing on different hilltops, opening gates for the faster flights, and generally just chillin’. She was good. She’s got a brain, this one. Enough experience and she will make a wonderful riding horse. She’s even well behaved when in season, so somebody should really come give this mare a home. She is lovely. Of course, the problem with that is by the time I’ve got them going really well and they are easy to take around to places and do anything with, I’m quite attached to the darn things and spend the day crying when I have to let them go. Hazzard of the job, I guess. But it has never been just a job, a paycheck. I really love what I do and am very lucky to be able to do what I love everyday. I have to remind myself of that sometimes, espescially when it freaking RAINS for thirty days straight.

Red is getting quite steady in her flat work. Transitions still could be better, but the head isn’t tossing around, and all downward transitions are not reining horse stops (she REALLY knows whoa). If I could only toss Gator and Red in a blender…)

Well, that’s about it for the moment. I’ve got tack to clean. I’ve got several things to do, actually, but as no stores are open, no Montpelier people are here and the P.O. is closed, it’s all gonna have to wait. Which is how I wound up sitting on my butt here in front of the computer. Enzo and I bid you all adieu.

Until next time.

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