Happy T day

I hope you all eat too much and spend the day lying on the floor regretting that last bit of pie, just as I plan to. But the only really good holiday is the fourth of July because you get to blow stuff up. Not much to the rest of ’em.

This weather is nuts. Scraping ice off my windshield to get here, then it’s going to be 65 degrees. Blanket on, blanket off. And then we had that storm the other night, got everyone soaked, up to 65 during the day so they are now covered in mud, and baking all that skin icky stuff. My volunteers are out on holiday this week, so I’m going to spend Friday and Saturday with a curry comb before it rains again on Sunday. Good thing I didn’t actually have any other plans. I pretty much hibernate through the holidays. Need to buy a boatload of MTG. Too bad the co-op is closed today. I should have thought of that. I wonder if the grocery store is open; I need more butter for cookies.

Well, have a happy day. I’ll tell you about the horses tomorrow. They’re doing better. Not so many gimpy ones (except Gator – finally sound so I take her for a trot around Montpelier and you guessed it: STOMP on another rock and I had to walk home. Here we go again). So, that means I paid 1250 dollars to go to opening meet. Hmmm. Too bad I was never very good at tennis. Silly game, if you ask me. But even a really good racquet probably doesn’t cost that much, and I wouldn’t have to feed it.

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