Happy whatever!

Choose your holiday. Roman and I switched hours so we both get a day off. He doesn’t have to brave the ice to get here tomorrow, and I don’t have to go to any parties. A total win-win situation. I’m just not that social. Seriously, just hand me the cookies and egg nog and go away; there is an all day NCIS marathon going on. Ooh, I don’t have egg nog. Added to the shopping list…

I forgot to tell you about Tony’s trail ride. He was awesome! It was just a walk around Montpelier, but he led most of the way. Past the killer chickens, over the bridges. I was very pleased. He seemes to have a great mind and a very quiet disposition. Too bad all the pictures I’ve taked look pretty awful, because he is cute, and I’d like to get him up on the site. We did a video, too, but the little camera didn’t have much of a zoom, so if you really use your imagination, the black dot in the distance might be a horse… Might be a trained bear. Who knows.

J3 totally wimped out today. Apparently, the predicted storm has already hit C’ville, there is ice on the roads and now the snow is sticking. I asked where her sense of adventure was, to which she replied, “In the egg nog by the fire.” At least someone remembered egg nog.

Okay, I’ve got to go get supplies (read egg nog) and put wood on the porch so I don’t have to take Dave to the ER. Last time he tried to bring wood in up the icy steps he wound up with a bunch of stitches. ERs are expensive. We have to trade years.

Uh oh.  The predicted storm just hit Montpelier.  I can hear the sleet.  Chat soon!

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  1. Anna says:

    Back at work — we’re waiting for the south end of Euclid to smack us this morning; no White Christmas here, mostly intense T-storms is what they are predicting. Hope your Christmas was cozy! My older gelding “Clue” is doing great — he’s a quick study & pretty even keeled; “Cielito” my Irish TB is a quick study but can be a wreckless eyeballer — oh, whats that over there? Is it interesting? Oh whats that over there? Is it interesting? — especially with a windy day. I long for an arena, which is what he is more geared toward. They both got apple & carrot presents as they have been overall “good little boys” this year!


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