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Heany sigh…

It’s raining again. Pouring. Weird weather this year. 73 degrees yesterday, supposed to be 60 today (with the rain). I mean, it’s training so hard I’ve got the windshield wipers on super high, and some idiot had the nerve to say that stupid groundhog saw his shadow this morning? Where are they keeping this blind rodent? A tanning bed? Crike.

So, horses seen to, stalls clean, I’m going to take a bit of time and drive to Lexington to see a lawyer and do some other stuff. Did I mention a friend of mine made me executrix of his estate? Yep. Then he went and died. So now I’m over my head in paperwork and whatnot. Geting end of year statements from investments and 1099s and all that so I can get the taxes done. The court house won’t even let me file the will. I had to get someone out there to appraise the contents of the house. Not many people do that nowadays. Odd. People still die, so where are the appraisers, since it is so freaking necessary? Bah.

On a brighter note, I have GREAT news about Brownie! We went trail riding Tuesday, and she not only lead, but lead over fences! Brave girl! Okay, so the fences were actually 18 inch logs, but it’s a big deal to a baby horse. She was so proud of herself. Trailer therapy and clipping therapy (told you about that, didn’t I) went brilliantly, so in April she starts her public trailriding career. If I can swing it, I’ll take her over to Nancy’s and get a lesson or two. She’s not quite as quick and clever as Red, but once she learns a new trick, it sticks. I hope someone gives her a good home soon. She’s developing quite a personality, too. Finally. Maybe she was just shy.

Anyway, I stink like horse manure, so should probably change clothes so I can get that lawyer to speak to me for more time than it takes her to throw my nasty self out of her office.


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