Hello again.

Farrier day at Montpelier today, and we had PERFECT weather for it! 73 and sunny. Just a beautiful day. Riding would have been more fun, but when David comes to shoe I get to hear all the local news. Sometimes I almost feel like I live in the 1800s and have to wait for travelers to bring news in from afar. I should probably get out more, but I kinda like it here. Quiet. As little drama as possible. I know people who like to stir the hornet’s nest, create quite a buzz, if you will, then stand back and watch. Those people drive me crazy. Well, most people drive me crazy, which is why Enzo and I prefer to work with horses. One always knows exactly where one stands with a horse. If they don’t like what you are doing, you get bitten (Note the inappropriate grammatical switch from “one” to “you.” The side effect of refusing to deal with people is that your [one’s] brain gets mushy unless you [one] really work[s] at it).

At any rate, all went very well, and we are ready to rock and roll tomorrow! Okay, trail ride. Maybe a bit of ring work. I need to drag the ring, but everytime I get the time, someone else has the gator (major spring clean up operation in progress). However, it is now light much (one whole hour) later! I can come back! Hah hahahahahaha! All is not lost.

Hunt season is almost over, and the walk and talks, and then the trail rides begin. Red and Brown are going out! Red made her public debut (and was superb) last year. It’s Brownie’s turn (yes I am still considering names, but she answers to Brownie now. Hmm.. Dilemma).

We have a new volunteer at the barn now: Taxi (aka Triple Tax Exempt). She was just too sweet to leave in the field. My vet loves her, and said if she made more money and could afford to board two horses, she’d take her (aww, come on! With what I pay alone for Gator ought to float Taxi’s board! Just kidding, if you happen to be reading this. Really). So we will see what Taxi’s got. At the moment she is keeping Mine Gold company. He was a return – old and arthritic. So he’s back to stay with me. He’s a love. Another very kind horse who has spent his last 7 years babysitting riders. Horses that can and will do that are worth more than anyone can ever imagine, and sadly, they go unappreciated.

Did I ever mention my new intern, Alexis? Huh. She wants to go to vet school someday, but hasn’t a lot of experience. So, three days a week before school she comes to Montpelier and learns stuff (uh huh, we started with a pitchfork), and the other two days she goes to a small animal clinic. But she is smart, and quick, and willing to do anything (didn’t even complain about the pitchfork). She can tack a horse now, and wrap, and TPR. I’ve got to come up with more interesting stuff, but have had (thankfully) very few injuries. She has scrubbed the cuts we’ve sustained, and treated the scrapes and bruises (toss a new pony in the mix and stand back. I thought the girls would be kinder and gentler, like George Bush and the IRS, but I should have known better. you boys have NOTHING on us women).

So that’s the news for the moment. Anything cool happens, you will be the second to know. I’ll be the first of course, otherwise, how would you guys know anything? Especially since this entire rambling is all my personal point of view. Blogging is a real pain in the butt. I don’t even like computers (yes, a dinosaur), except to check my bank balance. I used to be really good at them when I worked in Corporate America (I did, really. I was officially an “executive assistant to the Director” at one point). They sent me to tons of classes everytime something new came up. That was interesting, but as you have probably already surmised, Corporate America and I parted ways. It was an amicable enough divorce, but our differences were simple irreconcilable. I got squat in the settlement.

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  1. Elizabeth Davis says:

    Hey there Kim! I love the blog. The third picture at the top. That’s a picture of Considerable and Romeo!! Not a day goes by that I don’t miss Considerable…He was a fabulous horse. You guys do a great job, and I can’t thank you enough for a wonderful adoption experience.


  2. Elizabeth Davis says:

    Just kidding, that bay horse only has one white sock, and considerable had two, but they look a lot alike, still made me think of him!

  3. Mary Ellen Purdy says:

    Really enjoyed reading this!!! I visited Montpelier years ago and loved it!! Maybe I will get there again to visit, but in the meantime I will have to content myself with reading your blog and following the progress of your girls!!!!

  4. Bobbie Hall says:

    Really love this blog. I have to put it’s link on my home page so I remember to check it more often. It never fails to make me smile. I don’t know a lot about horses but it’s easy to tell when someone loves them and being around them.


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