Hello, Winter

17 degrees this morning, all the water frozen (including the office, fun). Apparently, I cannot run three water tank heaters on the same circuit (and I’m only doing that because I had to move all the horses out of the Cemetary Field to make room for the new guys, and discovered that I have mare crazy geldings at the Black Barn and had to play musical ponies until I found combos that settled down and ate. WAY too much testosterone over there). The tractor refuses to start (Ron is working his magic, but the tractor isn’t listening yet). I’ve got 16 horses allegedly arriving at some point this afternoon (which is what prompted the Great Horse Shuffle), and have to go to Nelson County to retrieve three that were fostered out under false pretenses. Nice. If you don’t own the property (but state on the application that you do) and have no intention of paying your rent, why why why take on three large animals you have no intention of caring for? This is why I work with animals: people suck. I probably can’t say that on the internet and the Ether God will censure me for it, but it is true. Sue has gone out to make certain they have water while I try to figure out the new arrivals. And Enzo won’t stay at home (he won’t get out of the trruck, either, the weenie), but heaven forbid I leave him with the dogs! Just who do I think I am? Yeesh. So that’s my day so far. Still beats sitting in an office!

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  1. Anna says:

    Sending you good thoughts & prayers to get through the week. Ditto your “work with animals, people suck” I’ve been a librarian for 20+ years & now doing records management. I can hardly wait every day to leave work & go to the barn…even if my horses are difficult its way better than dealing with stupid humans who should know better or worse case are so immature that you can not hold a decent conversation with them. Send us the rain — we need it down here, its so dry the tails are full of static & the dirt is in the air all the time, mixed with pine pollen.


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