Henry cross-tied today

Yeah, that just never happens on the track. He was pretty surprised he couldn’t put his head down, but was otherwise unconcerned. The nice, cool water after all of 20 minutes “work” in Virginia August made him very cooperative. What we are doing with him now is more mentally than physically exhausting, and when he gives me the “Please! No more!” we do something super easy and call it a day. No point getting sour. He is adjusting very well to a whole new way of life. And picking up the slack for Flash, my so-called baby-sitter.

Did I tell you I tacked them both up and thought Flash could help Henry learning to ride with others and doing various other things? They are buddies in the field, so why not, right? However, Flash, in company, will never, ever, for any reason, go first (pretty obvious why he’s here, eh?). The jerk just had tantrums and wouldn’t move, or just went backwards. So much for that plan. And seriously, all he had to do was walk and stop! If I ever, ever, ever get this horse to do something productive I deserve my honorary Horsey Psych PhD. And I want it in writing.

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