Henry, one more time

Okay, new volunteer Jen is brave and agreed to get on recently raced (well, not so recently anymore) Henry for steering and stopping practice. She likes him just as much as I do! It took him a few minutes to decide New Human was okay, but after that was pretty relaxed.

Henry stepped over a pole on the ground today. May not sound like a huge deal to you, but to ‘I just learned how to turn right’ Henry, it was a pretty cool accomplishment. He can walk and trot and turn and stop. Pretty awesome. The wash stall is a great place to be after a ride now, and does not require bribery. He gets a carrot anyway, just because he’s cute and not pushy. In fact, he launches into self-motivated carrot stretches to earn his treat. Too funny! Will get you Henry In Action photo next week, if the photographer is available.

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  1. jen walters says:

    Henry is fantastic and an incredible cuddle bunny, too! Can’t wait for more rides on him with Kim and Flash 😉


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