Henry will make someone a wonderful horse

Yes, it has been awhile, but not much has been happening at the farm.

We did have a pretty successful fundraiser last week, though. A sporting clays shoot at Central Virginia Sporting Clays, located in Palmyra, VA. Many thanks to Brad Landseidel (hope I spelled that right) for all his help and advice. For more find us on face book.

But back to Henry (Henrik Rules, if you are interested). After his three month layup coming from Belmont, I finally hopped on the beastie today! He was just as good as I had thought he would be. Sometimes they throw me a curve, and then I wind up face down in the dirt, but I have always had a good feeling about Henry. Even the night he arrived (in the dark, literally), he was very nervous, but trusting. This is a horse that tries. Therefore, Henry and I will take it slow and steady so that I never break that trust. Paws crossed.

An odd side note: I briefly had Henry’s dam, Gold Getter, while he was here. Go figure. I had to move her to another farm because I did not want that incredibly easy keeping mare (read obese and getting fatter on Montpelier fields) to founder. She was much too sweet and friendly to suffer that sort of fate. We found a place she would be happy and safe and hopefully not founder. Maybe even lose 2 or 3 hundred pounds. That girl could have starred in her own reality show.

And good news! I have a new riding volunteer who is coming to interview us next week. We had a long talk on the phone and I think she will fit in well. We will see what Henry thinks of her. And TRF says they may send me more horses; hopefully rideable, adoptable beasties, and I can keep the new volunteer busy.

I will check in when I have something interesting.

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  1. Christine Solomon says:

    Hi, are there any other adoptable horses right now. I’m not sure if I’m following the site correctly. I only see the one. We adopted from you guys back in August 2012.


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