Here I am again

And it rained, again. Debra cancelled her Wednesday morning visit to groom the horse she sponsors, as it will amount to not much more than pushing mud around.

So, that gives me more time to clean. I’ve been going through all my blankets (had a TON of them to wash this summer, as I wound up having to blanket way more horses than anticipated in very wet conditions). Now I am sorting through, as I told Anne I could give her a few for her aging ponies. Turns out I can give her a trash bag full of polos and saddle pads as well. I am more than happy to share, as I am running out of storage! Not complaining, mind you. The extras came in very handy last year, and I’d rather have abundance than dearth, but I am running out of storage which means everything will be rat snacks. The rotten critters do like to munch on stuff.

Speaking of rats, though, I think I have largely eliminated the problem! Either that or they finally wised up (“Hey guys! Don’t eat the green stuff! That’s what killed Uncle Ronny.”). But I haven’t seen or heard them lately. Hooray!

I might ride T this afternoon, if he dries out and is still wearing shoes. I tried to count them (the shoes) this morning, but as he is knee deep in mud, all I know for sure is that his legs look ok to the knee. Sigh. T is my pony, and last man standing. I bought him to hunt, and because he was allegedly sound. Well, he may have four legs, but he sure has a problem between the ears! 15 months later he has agreed he enjoys trail riding, and is excellent at gates. But zero work ethic in that horse. Most Thoroughbreds you feel like you could ride forever, they have that much get up and go. I pull T out of the stall and he eyes the ground like he is thinking, “Is it okay to fall down here? Do I have to go through the pretense of walking a few steps first?” He may be lazy as dirt, but at least his attitude has improved. At this rate, I figure by the age of 20 I will get him through his first training level dressage test. He might even agree to hop a fence. Cross rails are okay, because he can trot them and not actually expend the effort to make the leap. He does, however, expend a great deal of energy in the temper tantrums he throws to avoid doing most everything. he’s a bum.

What else? I have a leaky water hydrant, which Ron went down to the lower barn to check this morning. May as well get it done now; the ground is soft from the rain and we are expecting below freezing temps starting Friday night.

Next Saturday (Nov 2) is the Montpelier Races.  TRF will again have a table in the gift tent.  On Monday, I move the horses over to the non-parking field (yes, thousands of cars will park on the field.  Paws crossed it does not rain again before the races, or it will be a total disaster).  After the races I have to wait a few days for Montpelier to put the fences back up and for all the drunks to reclaim their cars.  One year I threatened to turn the horses back in and let them eat the rotten car it was there so long!  Montpelier kindly grabbed a tractor and dragged it from the field.  Whoever left it there obviously had waaay to much fun on race day if it took him a week to remember where he left his car.  Probably worked from home, or it might have been slightly more urgent.

Well, there you have it. Off to clean something.


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  1. Madison says:

    Just visited Montpelier today and, honestly, had a better time looking at all the horses and imagining a ride over all that beautiful land! I had to google “horse at Montpelier” to find you but I’m glad I did!


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