Hey again

Did I say it was warm? Sunday and Monday were 16 degrees when I got out of bed… Not so much fun. Yesterday warmed up, and we got four horses ridden before it rained. Poor Brown. We are teaching her to carry herself better, and use that back end (yes, Brown, you do have a back end), which doesn’t come easily to her. She was getting so frustrated trotting up that hill on the bit (more or less). It was such hard work! How can anyone expect that of her? She got all hot and sweaty and decided the best way to avoid all this work was to lie down and roll. “No! Not such a good idea,” yelled Kim! Reluctantly, Miss Brown agreed to stay on her feet, but suddenly discovered the joys of playing in puddles (heretofore oblects to be avoided at all costs).

So we decided to go back to trailer therapy, as Spring is right around the corner (hoping, hoping) and we haven’t done that particular form of therapy in awhile. Everyone was remarkably good! Even Brown forgot (temporarily) that it is imperative to keep one foot on the ramp to avoid being shut in and moved. Gator, of course, totally rocks and self loaded just to show up the rest of them. She’s feeling better, and probably thought she was going to get to go hunting. She darn near trotted right on that trailer. Gotta love enthusiasm. Or maybe it was the bucket full of bribery I always leave in there… Hmm….

At any rate it was a successful day, until the barn developed electrical shortages (now located at the intake, so it isn’t the wiring), but the well shut down and refused to run. Fortunately we had just scrubbed and filled the water tanks, so we’re good there for a few days. I’ll get ahold of Dominion today and have them come check it out.

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  1. Kim, It’s good to have you back again! Sue is here in St. Louis staying with me for 2 nights…a long drive for 2 nights, but I’m catching up on all the TRF news. Love to all, Claire

  2. KWilkins says:

    Well hey, Claire! Hope all is well. All the ponies here are doing just fine.


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