Hey, back again.

Yes, been awhile.  But I had to share with you guys just how well Flash and Glory are doing.  For the right people, they really are ready to go to new homes.

Flash and I had another lesson yesterday (thank you Nancy Lowey!!).  He has come SO far!  We really are getting good w/t/c transitions (when the rider doesn’t botch them), and pretty darn good gaits.  Am I going to sign him up for the next dressage show? Ehhhh, no.  The dressage clinic was exciting enough.  Apparently, cantering in a group, in a small indoor, in front of a crowd is very exciting for off-track beasties.  Toss in a loudspeaker and BAM!  You’ve got a rodeo!  Okay, so just how embarrassing is it to get dumped in dressage?  Fortunately, I don’t know the answer to that question just yet, because while I was hovering mid-air somewhere over Flash’s ears, looking for a good place to land, he somehow ducked back underneath his errant rider.  I landed with a thump right in front of the saddle, which stunned him into temporary immobility. I scrambled back into the tack, and was called into the middle so everyone else, on sane horses, could continue cantering.  Sigh.  He did great the second try, though.  So, great at home, needs a bit of practice out in public.  Avoid loudspeakers.

The other fella, Glory, is a star.  He is the little guy Mr. Coffin started earlier this summer.  Go back and read that post – horse just shy of a panic attack at the thought of being ridden.  Anyway, it has taken a long while, lots of peppermints (sometimes bribery is a good thing.  Not always, but if the choice is bribery or another trip to the ER, pass the peppermints, please), and getting on is still a two person job (someone has to feed the peps), but he will stand to be mounted.  He will stand after being mounted.  If my pep feeder doesn’t leave the area, horse isn’t going to move at all.  Awesome!  He walks away from the loading dock.  It used to be he was shot out of the starting gate.  He can walk and trot and canter (his canter ROCKS) in a really pretty natural balance.  Now that he has agreed to play the game, he is so much fun!  So, still totally green, but for the right person, this will be a really fun project.  I am having a blast.

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