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Hey, did I mention they are predicting more snow?

Yeah, got two inches Sunday/Monday, had a high of 37 today, and now they (who are “they” anyway?  I’d like to have a chat) are predicting another deluge of wet, heavy snow?  What happened to spring? If I catch up with Phil, I’m gonna have me some groundhog barbeque.  Rotten little rodent.  So, everything here is covered in mud.  Horses, people, trucks.  But, we have electricity!  I haven’t even started trying to clean up my yard.  There are still two trees across the drive.  Okay, I did ask Sandy to come give me advice on pruning the destroyed shrubs and trees, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

As an aside, thank you Anna about the tip for Amazon.  I got my new phone for a lot less that AT&T would sell it.  How is it they can give away a phone when you sign up for a plan, but if it breaks, it is suddenly 600 bucks?  Makes me think these things are made in China for about 37 cents, and somebody out there other than me is making a pocketful of cash on this deal…  Hmmm.

So, aside from treating scratches and rain rot, scraping mud off potentially rideable horses, and hauling a lot of hay around (pretty much the usual, you know, drink coffee, muck stalls, count ponies) not much has been happening.  I’ve been getting a few calls about horses (hooray!), so we will just have to see how it goes.  I want horses and humans to be happy with the match.  And yes, while the adopter could always bring the beastie back if it doesn’t work out, I’d really like it if it did work out.  If I do my job right, and the adopter is very up front and honest about what they want and what they can do and are comfortable with, it usually works out just fine, and everyone is happy.  That’s a good thing.  Like Gator and Madisyn:  they qualified for regional pony club championships again this spring I hear.  Go Gator!  Maybe they will send pictures I can post so we can all cheer for them.  Maybe Tony and Roy will find great homes this spring.  If it ever dries up enough to get back on Roy and double check that faulty steering mechanism.  And if it warms enough for baths, I’ll get pictures up.  At least on the blog.  I’m not clever enough to get the girls off the adoptable page, let alone put the boys up.

Well, gotta go finish feeding ponies so I can go home and get my own dinner.  I hope more happens soon so I won’t have to sit here and invent stuff to say.




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  1. Anna says:

    You’re most welcome!
    Heavy rain due here for the weekend — rats! Since there is no covered arena to ride under I will just visit with the “boys” and do those household chores that get put on the back burner, until weekends like these!
    The Pollen is off the scale this week — pine & the azaleas, while quite beautiful, have packed a double punch for the allergies.


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