Hoo Rah!

Hooray! Flash left for his new home today. Congrats to Flash and Tom and I hope everything works out perfectly.

We’ve had Tstorms roll back and forth over us all day. Right now we have thunder, it is pouring, but the sun is shining. At least I think it is the sun, haven’t seen it in so long I can’t be certain. This has got to be an improvement, right? I mean, it has rained so steadily for so long that I can’t even stand the thought of getting in the shower. Why should I, when I am wet all day long anyway? Did I mention everything is molding? Might have. And I have never seen so much fungus here since I moved down south. Weird stuff. Went walking in the woods the other day (during a brief pause in the rain, but I got soaked anyway, from the drips) and saw weird fungi I’d never seen before. Weather change is probably a sign we’ve been invaded from outer space. Oh, and yes, there are mosquitos, but I don’t mention them because I am one of those blessed individuals whom mosquitos find utterly distasteful. They just don’t bite me. Now, they LOVE Dave, so he’s invested in some bug repellant company. I’ve been bitten only once this year, and I’m not certain if it was a mosquito or a flea (’cause it got my hip, and not being some cute, scrawny 20 something, I really don’t walk around in a little less than nothing), but I’m pretty sure the poor thing died shortly thereafter. Horses bite me, but bugs? Nope.

5 days and counting to Art at the Barn. Everbody: Cross your collective paws and pray to your respective deities that the rain stops now. It can recommence on Monday, October 3rd, but it really, really, really needs to stop right now. Or yesterday, if you have spectacular pull with your own preferred deity.

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