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Horse Naming Contest

Okay, I am officially declaring the start of a horse naming contest. Jeanne doesn’t like Brown. Well, she likes the horse just fine, but not the name. I don’t know why; she’s fine with Red being Red. But not Brownie. So, everyone go look at her picture on TAN (I’ll try to post another here) and send me some names.

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  1. Jeanne1@ Montpelier says:

    How about Sable. Still brown, but shiney and silky like Brown’s coat. Also connotes luxury, elegance, and refinement. Still simple and sweet like Brown.

  2. Kim Wilkins says:

    Okay. Apparently no one reads my blog (not that I blame you guys; if I didn’t have to write it, I wouldn’t read it either). But hey! Only one idea for the lovely Miss Brown?

  3. Sandy says:

    I named my dog “Princess”, so I am probably not a good resource for clever names.
    How about “Princess”?

  4. John Moore says:

    Luxury,elegance, refinement, sweet? OK, then – I vote for Truffle!

  5. Bobbie says:

    I think Sable is nice or you could just translate brown to French or Spanish and call him Marron. Best I can tell, it’s pronounced ma roan.

  6. Bobbie says:

    Now that I realize he is a she, maybe Brown Sugar or just Sugar.

  7. Lisa C says:

    Kim, can you tell us a bit more about her personality?

  8. John Moore says:

    While I prefer Truffle, I would back off to Tootsie-Roll.

  9. KWilkins says:

    She’s very sweet and quiet and trusting. Good thing she never went to the track, because slow doesn’t even begin to describe the “Oh Dog! I need to stop and think!” reaction. But she is learning to think while moving her feet, so we are all very happy in her new confidence.

    And sorry John, but Tootsie Roll is pretty icky. For some odd reason, I just don’t think of chocolate when I look at one. And have you ever attempted to eat one? Tastes just like it looks. Next!

  10. Riding Buddy Jeanne... RBJ says:

    Okay, I’m coming out of the shadows and putting my thoughts & vote out here… Brown’s coming along wonderfully: she’s getting more & more confident… jumping 2 1/2′ with air to spare… developing a very attractive swagger… kind of a “I’m no longer a Baby; Look at me, I’m worth Noticing!” affectionate, kind, confident, responsible, fun, an individual… Brown’s a down home kind of girl with a bit of “cool”. I see her as: “MOJO BROWN”

  11. Anna Elise says:

    I have some names if you didn’t name them yet:

    America’s Sweetheart
    Indigo Twilight
    Red Velvet
    Rainbow Cyclone
    Wild Dreamz

  12. Esther says:

    I think you should name her Ace of hearts


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