Hunter pace number two

Regent Spirit and T went out on another hunter pace today.  We went to Keswick last week (beautiful, manicured, lovely ride).  But the boys wouldn’t even hop over the smallest of logs, and we are talking about 12 inches.  But they trailered well, behaved themselves, and it was a fun day.  Of course, Shetland ponies are a little disconcerting (who knew they made ’em so small???), and the pinto!  Who came up with the color scheme on that one!  Holy cow!  You will be pleased to know we saw another pinto today, and it wasn’t very exciting (the black and white one, anyway.  Someone brought a brown and white one, and that caused a double take).  Been there, seen that.  But best of all, the boys jumped just about everything out there!  Okay, we skipped the coops, and the really big log jumps, but if it looked barrel sized or smaller, we tried.   And after a few hops where it was straight into the air, all landing gear down, thud!  Crash landing,  they started actually jumping across.  After they realized across was easier, we started having a lot of fun.  We aren’t going to win any prizes for style (or speed, we mostly walked, but it was a good education), but we did have fun.  And the horses seemed to, as well.  Finally!  Something T likes more than throwing temper tantrums!

Sandy, I promise rat update coming soon.

We miss you, Lisa.



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  1. Anna says:

    We have 5 scary pintos at the boarding barn, no ponies so not sure how the boys would react to them. Love your description of the first jumps! LOL

    With the govt shutdown, I’ll have more time to spend at the barn — whahooo!!


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