I did it!

I remembered how to login remotely (as opposed to hitting the favorites bar and clicking “go there”)! I’m not a total dummy. Mostly. I hope. Anyway, it has been really, really hot here the last few days, if you’ve been following the news and/or weather. About 100, with a heat index I won’t even mention. And of course, we had to lose power. Big storm came through on Friday and knocked us out. I’ve been lugging water to the fields all weekend. Fortunately, most of the power is back on in the area, so the wells are working in the fields again. However, while Montpelier is up and running, both TRF barns and my house are still in the dark. Coincidence? I can’t think of anyone I’ve really insulted lately. I might have THOUGHT naughty things, but I didn’t actually SAY anything to anybody. Just this morning I was forced to eat a large quantitiy of ice cream to keep it from melting! The sacrifice…

Anyway, while I can’t do anything about the heat, at least I am no longer worried about the water. We’ll get through it; it happens every summer, just at the hottest point imaginable. So, I keep several extra water tanks on hand to put out in the fields just in case. Got the drill down. And the two that collapsed on me last summer are doing fine (or at least no worse than any of the others), which is good, since I can’t actually bring them in and put them under fans at the moment. I could keep shuttling water out and dumping it on them, but I’m not certain how successful that would be, as the dousings would be about an hour apart, by the time I filled the tank in the back of the truck… So paws crossed! I probably just jinxed myself.

That’s the news (and I am so tempted to say “from Lake Woebegone, but I will refrain). Volunteers are in hiding. My mom fled to Roanoke and airconditioning. Dave and I drove to his sister’s house for a shower last night. Splashy pools are great for cooling, but not so great for cleansing, despite all the bleach I dump in it. So, while I may be disinfected, I still don’t smell so good. Eh, my dog still loves me. What he does NOT love is camping in the front yard (I set up the tent – MUCH cooler out there). What a wussy, spoiled, couch-sitting, AC loving dog I have raised. Good thing I don’t have kids. They’d be insufferable.

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  1. Anna says:

    Down here, pre-AC era, one slept on the screened front porch. Houses today are built to be too dependent on artificial environments — and you’re screwed if the power goes out. Mont P. needs to fund you a generator, at least for the barn. hang in there


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