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I do not need a horse. I do not need a horse.

Hey, remember I told you I got a horse back last month because he was “completely unsuitable for any discipline?”  Well, I took him off grain, threw him in a field and gave him a couple of buddies.  After a vetting to see if pain was the main cause of all bad attitude and disobedience (usually is, followed closely by dumb humans), I hopped on and started riding.  The horse had never heard of a half halt, and using leg AND hand together was the source of much confusion and grumpiness, so I went back to ground zero.  He felt like a green broke horse, so I decided to ride him like one.

Amazing how hard they can try if you take the time to really, really explain what you want.  He no longer pulls.  He picked his nose up off the ground and is puttering along with fair balance.  I don’t have to kick and beat and flap like a rabid duck to go from walk to trot.  I don’t need a pulley rein to stop.

It is true that the walk in the woods we took was apparently the scariest thing he’s done in a long time (odd, as that’s pretty much all I did when he came here off the track).

But here’s the coolest thing:  I took him to Marcia Carabell’s this morning to seek a professional second opinion on his “complete inability to jump.”  And he CAN jump!  Oh my dog!  That was the most fun I have had in a very long time.  Lots of smiley moments, and I really think he had fun, too.  Great attitude.  Forward.  Easy.  And he loads. (And Marcia is a big fan of Tad Coffin saddles as well.  Had to put that in there.)

So my new mantra is “I do not need another horse.  I do not need another horse.”  Unfortunately, I am having so much fun, I might just try to keep him.  Great.  Just when I had stopped bouncing checks.

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