I don’t even remember my login info

It has been so long since I posted anything. Well, we were without power for four days after a particularly nasty snow storm. Yep, snow in Virginia. We got ten inches of very wet, heavy snow that took down a lot of power lines and trees. So, it has almost melted, the ring was almost clear, I was almost ready to try getting back on some of these beasties in the hope that someone will want them this spring when what do you know? It rains. We are knee deep in mud. Thank Dog some clever soul invented wellies. I guess all I can do is laugh (because I’ve already beaten my head against the desk. It hurts. Must stop). Sigh. Next week, maybe?

AND my beloved Blackberry has bitten the dust. They don’t make those anymore. Not with the keyboard. And it will cost almost $600 bucks to replace it. So if anyone has an old Blackberry Torch 9810 they are willing to part with (that actually still works) I will buy it. Seriously. I can’t upgrade to anything until June, and then I can only get an Iphone. I don’t want an Iphone.

Other than that, shedding season has started in earnest. So has scratches and rain rot season. I think I’ve already used up my MTG allotment in the budget. Will have to check with the treasurer about that.

Okay, off to fax in hours so everybody gets paid, and the guys don’t leave me tied to a fence post without wellies.

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  1. Anna says:

    There’s a WDO storefront at Amazon that has 4 used ones

    I don’t know the particulars so not sure if it is the one you had.

  2. Sherrie Farnsworth says:

    Hi, looking for a new horse, would consider a rescue TB. It seems you have nothing with easy access to see. Am I looking in the wrong places? Please let me know how to see what you have on the web.


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