I don’t think my farrier loves me anymore

I’ve been calling for weeks, and he finally returns my call and says he can come on the 28th. A week away. They are already at five and a half, which is absolutely the max they can go this time of year. So, needless to say, Jeanne3 and I were (past tense) planning to go on a trailride yesterday, but when we brought up the designated volunteers, one was wearing his summer shoes (flip flops) and the other decided to twist his around a little. I did get that off, and wrapped him up with duct tape (seriously, how did western civilization get by before duct tape?), but the ride was scrapped.

To add insult to injury, the trailer ramp fell off my trailer and got dragged. That’s going to cost a fortune to get fixed, and since I’m trying to move into my new house, it won’t get fixed.

So that’s the news: I bought a house! Okay, more of a postage stamp, but I am no longer paying rent. We have had to rip up all the stinky wall to wall carpet, and are putting down hardwood (that’s where the trailer money went). And I’ve been painting non stop because the people who lived there really, really liked primary colors. One room red. One bright yellow. One almost navy blue. It was an assault on the senses. No wonder they tried to kill each other and wound up divorced. And the place is wired! They must have been high tech junkies, because there are computer hookups, phone lines and tv cables in every room. And more electrical outlets than I’ve ever seen in any house before. Ten in the little room, which is only something like 10 by 12. Crazy.

Gotta go. 2 buckets to wash and 19 more horses to check, and I am back to painting.

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  1. Anna says:

    Congrats on the new digs!! Bummer on the farrier and trailer ramp. I know what its like to rip up carpeting but hardwood floors are sooo wonderful, love ’em!

  2. sandy says:



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