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I finally did something right

And still got it wrong!  Yeesh.  I did break down and buy more hay after the 8 inches of snow we got down here.  But, I mean, I had it budgeted perfectly right down to the very last bale.  Every year, middle of March, the horses quit the hay and go on to grass.   Even after 2009/2010 when we had those HUGE snows.  This year?  No.  We still have snow on the ground and I am still feeding.  Virginia in March does not usually look like this.  In fact, Virginia rarely looks like this.  Ever.

Okay, the picture of snow never sent from my phone.  We’ll get back to that.

So, the good news?  Well, there really isn’t any, yet.  Still trying to get the horse move organized, so I don’t have anything to tell you about horses I have yet to see.  Tamio has made it out twice to start the spring trimming schedule.  David will be out Monday to do some shoes.  Everything is either snow or mud, and my muck boots have started leaking.  Has anyone, ever, gotten more than one season out of a pair of rubber boots?  Any kind of rubber boots?  I never have.  Either I am just really tough on my equipment or rubber boots hate me.  Ah well.  On to the next.

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  1. Anna says:

    You could have sand gnats on top of it all, so I’d say you were doing pretty well 😉 Maybe Santa will bring you new muck boots early? My barn-in-progress got concrete poured today! Whahoo! Put my lucky pony horseshoe prints in the corners to keep the good fortune inside.


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