I guess I should say something

It’s been a while since I posted anything.  Nothing really new and exciting has been happening.  J3 is trying to die of heat stroke this summer.  I kept telling her to go home, and she kept saying she needed to muck stalls and scrub buckets.  I finally took the muck bucket and threw it into the manure spreader so she’d have to climb in to get it, and reminded her that she wasn’t getting paid anyway, so was it really worth it?  Woman works her tail off, I gotta tell ya.  It’s wonderful, but not if she keels over.  No one is allowed to die on the property!  It’s a rule!  If it wasn’t before, I just made it one, ’cause I’m the boss and that’s what I get to do.  So there.  I have also patented the “Heat Stroke, Wreck Your Vehicle” move, so no one gets to do that either, unless they pay me first.

Dunny and Red went on a Bull Run trail ride, did I mention that?  They were awesome.  Red had so much fun that she didn’t want to get back on the trailer and come home.  I brought out the lunge line for the old wrap it around the butt trick, and she knew what was coming.  Decided she’d save face and walk on like a lady.  Smart little horse.

And Erik has a pet human.  Don comes two or three times a week to feed him treats and groom him (that is, if Erik deigns to stand up.  This is the nappingest horse I’ve ever met.  Always flat out in the stall, sound asleep under the fan) As soon as Erik finishes his layup, he’s going home with Don.

And SaraD was here for a herd check.  My horses are fat, and now I have a witness.  Dr. Cowles asked me when some of them were due to foal.  Geldings.  Ha ha.  Everybody is a comedian.  Yeesh.  But really, overall, they all look good.  Gotta be happy with that, especially headed into August.  August and February are always the hardest months, but this year again, the fields are holding up (cross your paws, cross your paws!).  We are getting just enough rain to keep them green.

Well, that’s it.  I’ve given up cooking.  My new duty is to open beer for the chef.  It’s really fun with my programable bottle opener (there really is such a thing).  It now says, “Help!  The potato is on fire!” every time I pop a top.



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