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I guess I sound like a total downer

Sorry. Didn’t mean to, but it’s hard when I have to watch everyone hurt. So I’ll try to be more positive. How’s this? I’m positive Gator is yanking my chain.

David came to put shoes back on, because it looked like Jeff and Brown were sound again (hooray!). When I brought Gator in, she limped and limped and cried and “Oh woe is me!” all the way to the barn. So of course she was crying for the hoof testers. So of course no shoe. But when I went to turn her back out (after the tail lights had faded from view), she blasted away from the gate like she lit the after burners… She’s messing with me. Doesn’t it sound like she’s messing with me? She has to be. She just doesn’t want to go back to work. Baaaaad pony!

But Jeff and Brown do seem sound, and hacked out today. As did Dave. In fact, someone is coming to have a look at Dave on Thursday! Maybe he’ll get a new home. As this woman wants a trail horse, I also brought up Cecil and Fortune (much to the dismay of Cecil and Fortune, I can tell you) so she could see a couple others. That means Jeanne and I get to hop on horses that haven’t been ridden in months tomorrow, and see if they remember anything at all (other than they’d really rather not).

So paws crossed! I’ll let you know.

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