I know, I am totally delinquent



I just get tired of the darn computer stuff.  Besides, it never does what I tell it.

So, on the puppy front, I almost had a puppy.  Put down a deposit and everything, but puppy mama only had two.  A little boy and a little girl.  She is keeping them both. No puppy for Kim.  🙁  very sad.

There has been a flurry of interest in the horses all of the sudden.  Finding the right spot for them is tough, though.  I really want both horse and human to be happy, which means sometimes the best intentions just aren’t enough.  And I really want the human to actually show up and see/ride the horse!  Just like in the catalogs, sometimes the item pictured isn’t exactly what you wanted once it arrives at your door.  So, what do you do?  You send it back.  Now I have an unhappy human who thinks I misrepresented the horse, something I try very hard not to do.  Not to mention horses don’t really like shipping hither and yon when they can sit on Montpelier munching grass, hanging with their pals.

Good news?  I can get on Glory unassisted!  Peppermints appear magically from the saddle now!  Smart boy heads straight for the mounting block (or J3) if I drop the reins.  Apparently peppermints = horsie crack.  He is addicted.  In fact, he is getting so relaxed I may actually have to start carrying a whip!

And Linda P threw me under a bus at the races last Saturday.  Some guy shows up looking to interview someone about TRF, and she says, “Kim will do it!”  What? Linda, Anne and Nancy are all there, why me?  Of course, no one else wanted to, so they all jumped in with, “Kim will!”  Great.  I got to be on channel 29.  Hope I didn’t sound as stupid as I thought I did, trying to give non answers to everything, which is the only way one survives interviews (ask any politician).  Then Woodberry threw me under bus number two yesterday, and I get a call and wind up on Steve Byk’s radio show.  Same tactic employed.  So guys, I want you all to know I have you in my sights.  Turn around is fair play.  Just sayin’.

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