I was going to say

Seriously. So much happened so quickly and them POOF! Everyone was gone. So, I hope I can post pics of Joey doing his long line thing. He was great. Dana trains driving horses, so I let her do the steering. I walked by his head and explained that leading is just the same as driving. The human is only in a different place. After about ten minutes he was completely on board with the whole idea. Very quiet.
Okay, yeah, twenty minutes and the darn pic will not load. Whatever.
So, I won’t even bother to try and load pics of Meddling, who has turned into one of the most unflappable horses I have ever had. We took her all around the fields (Flash was supposed to be baby sitting, but failed), and she was great. She even ignored Flash’s meltdown. This mare needs to be an equitation horse. It is easier to sit her trot that try to post. We are working on the canter command on the lunge. She is okay with that, but really does not want to expend a lot of energy.

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