If this is climate change,

I’ll take it.  55 degrees the last two mornings.  When was the last time anyone in Virginia was wearing polar fleece in July?

So, Holly came and rode my adorable Tony again today.  She loves him, and if she had room in the barn, would take him home.  This horse is going to make a lovely dressage horse, I’m betting.  So she is helping me look for homes.  I’ve got a contact for possible homes for Smash and Chick.  All I can do is call and ask, but maybe one of these days I will get lucky.  Here’s Holly riding Tony  yesterday.  He’s getting it.  Was even a little better today.

Holly and Tony

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Tony’s a gem…. Wonderful attitude: in the barn, in the field, under tack (in the ring, in the field, on trails) He wants to please, happy to try any/everything, a more than comfy fun ride (lovely soft mouth, fabulous rocking chair canter, responsive to aids, etc., etc!) He’s a real sweetie and handsome, too:)

  2. Anna says:

    55?? That’s January for us! Phew! We’re at 84 at the moment & it just rained — I’ll take it after the 108 heat index of Monday.

    Nice pictures, now that I can see them 😉


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