I’m back!

Been a while, but it has been a slow couple of weeks. J3, my riding buddy, has been out sick with the flu or pneumonia or something. Get better, jeanne. So I’ve just been puttering along, learning how to use my cool new phone. Problem is, on a blackberry I have to shift to get punctuation, but not capitals. Therefore, when I come back to the keyboard I am royally messing things up. I guess I just don’t multitask. Certainly NOT when it involves watertanks. If I start filling a tank I MUST stand there and watch it (yes, extremely exciting and invigorating work) or I end up irrigating half of VA. I just can’t turn on the water, then come back in a few.

But for excitement, we are expecting real snow tonight. It has been pretty warm all winter (and I still don’t have a hunt horse. Frustrating, to say the least. I paid a whole bunch of money to watch other people ride). Maybe five whole inches! But it will be 60 degrees by Wednesday, so it ain’t gonna last.

And last night I went to a total bust of a party. I didn’t really want to go (BYOB, bring your own dinner AND pay 20 bucks? What’s with that?) but it was for a good cause and Dave talked me into it (he paid). We were just about the only losers at that loser party. In fact, we were there for 20 minutes before anyone showed up. I doub’t they made a dime after they paid the guy playing guitar.

So that’s my wild social life. And no, this post didn’t even mention a horse. Sorry, but they just aren’t doing anything all that exciting. Eating, pooping, rolling in mud. All the usual stuff.

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  1. Sandy says:

    I’ve got a new Blackberry too. Everyone keeps asking me why I dont have an iPhone, but I am a creature of habit I guess and I like my BB. But all my text and emails start with good punctuation then after a few words it totally falls apart.

  2. KWilkins says:

    Oh yeah, and if it weren’t for spell check no one would have the slightest clue what I was saying. I must have big, fat fingers, as it seems I can hit half the alphabet in one shot.


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