It has been an entire year!

A whole year since I last posted anything!  Yep, we got hacked.  Sandy got the site fixed, but I couldn’t log on.  Now I can!  Yay!  You will be bombasted with obnoxious drivel once again.

One cool thing:  I adopted out a horse.  You want the story?  Storm Cat grandson, gelded at 8…  Yes, that is eight years old.  Okay, so he made over $440 thousand dollars, but let’s revisit gelded.  at.  eight.  WHAT?  Honestly, TRF, what do you think I can do with that?  Turns out, he must have taken after mom.  He seemed quiet and attentive, learned to lunge quickly, and has been adopted by a girl from Georgia who is going to take him to college with her.  just goes to show, you never know.

So, okay, now that I am back I will try to post news of goings on here at Montpelier on a much more frequent basis than let’s say, annually.  How ’bout that?

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