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It has been awhile

I haven’t been online in a while. Hard drive failure in the work computer, and it’s a real pain in the butt to drive to the library everytime something vaguely interesting happens. But the computer is all better now (let’s see how long it takes me to kill this one). So here goes:

As usual, my hunting for this year is another bust. Gator has suddenly come down with what appears to be severe arthritis, and we can’t find anything wrong with her. All the tests come back negative. Sigh. Poor little thing. I hope we figure it out soon, as she is so unhappy, and that’s so unlike her. I figure if I had never joined the club, and only capped for the hunts I’ve been on, I’d have about four grand in the bank right now…

Peter is sick. No symptoms of anything except a very high fever, so he’s in iso. But as the vet is coming to do Marty’s teeth today, she may as well have a look at him, too. Dog, I really hate spending the money for a “Gee, I don’t know” answer, but I’d hate it more if it were something she could fix easily. Dilemma. Just once, if these guys have to get sick, I’d like it to be a classic case of something. Anything that’s diagnosable. Pony has X, give him Y, all bettter! Never happens. More like a thousand bucks of “Try this and let’s see.” Oh well. That’s horses, I guess.

Been very warm and wet down here, just like it’s been all year. We can’t ride in the woods as it is a swamp. Shoe-sucking mud. Can’t ride in the ring because Ron is putting in a water line and there is a large ditch that must be traversed in order to get through the gate (we have had stream crossing therapy, and small bank therapy, but sadly, I have not done ditch therapy. It’d be handy about now). All we can do is walk around on the Montpelier roads (stay off the swampy grass! No hoof prints!). So while the ponies are being sat upon, not a great deal of actual training is going on. We leg yield out of traffic. I was hoping to get Id Rather Go Very Slowly Brown cantering before spring, but I don’t think I’ll do it down the pavement. So, yeah, Montpelier is still under water.

Well, I’ve got to go catch Marty and drag him up to the barn, since I don’t have a power cord that will reach the field. Until next time.

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