It’s been forever, hasn’t it?

Well, I wanted to congratulate Madisyn on her adoption of Arrested Gator Girl. Madisyn is a Pony Clubber from NC who came to test drive several of the TRF horses. It was a hard choice, and I think if her parents had brough the bigger trailer, M would have taken them all home. As it was, Dad put his foot down and she could only pick one. Gator made the cut. Hooray for Gator! Her own pet girl! Does it get any better than that?

The new boys are doing well. Jeanne is coming with her super fast camera (by the time mine actually takes the picture, sometimes the horse isn’t even in the frame anymore… And with that little screen on the cell phone I really couldn’t see if the shot was good. It wasn’t. I took three nice looking horses and made them look so awful even I wouldn’t want them) so we should have something worth looking at next week. But if you are in the area, call and I’ll show them off!

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  1. Madisyn DeCant says:

    Hi everyone Gatorgirl and I are really getting along great. I have taken her to some dressage and eventing shows. She is doing so great that her and I are going to the Pony Club Championships in Kentucky this year. We last year in Lexington, Virginia and had a blast. She is really getting along great with the others at home. She is also the first one to greet me when I am in the field. She has really made me happy, she even reminds me of my first horse Sabrina’s Magic. I hope the others find a good partnership like Gator and I have.
    Wish you all good luck,
    Madisyn DeCant and Arrested Gatorgirl


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