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It’s mine all mine!

Yesterday Gerry and I went to Tad Coffin’s shop and picked up my wonderful, latest generation magic saddle!  And while I was tempted to go straight to the computer and blog something like, “You can have it when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers, bwa ha ha ha haaaaa!!!!” I thought perhaps it was prudent to give it a test drive first.

So today Smash and Chick were my test ponies (had vet all day, riding cut short).  Smash has been doing very well.  He has been trying to figure out his balance and comfort zone.  Head up.  Head down.  A few fantastic steps!  Nah, too much like work…  But after about 15 minutes in his new saddle, he really started to get a whole lot more consistent than he had been.  Less of the extreme up and down, and more of a middle ground up and down.  Baby steps.  I’ll take it.

Chick was the surprise.  If you will recall, Chick is my old guy.  Very opinionated, as old people can be, I guess.  It took me weeks to convince him backwards was NOT an option.  But I think he likes me now, or at least trusts me more, which to a horse is probably the same thing (hell, I feed them, they all love me!).  So Chick will walk and trot in the ring (rather be out.  Practically bombproof out), but I have to push him.  New saddle: new gear.  Okay, I know I jumped up and down and said wonderful things last time, but this time I actually got to ride wonderful things!  He was forward!  He moved out, like a horse on a mission.  We tried to get pictures, but Dave’s computer won’t play the game, you will have to wait.

Now, does a brand new saddle and a few test rides make us ready for Rolex?  If it did, I think Mr. Coffin could charge waaaay more for that saddle.  I will probably have to get there the old fashioned way.  Maybe take a lesson or something.  Practice a bit.  But so far, my horses seem pretty happy to swap my old saddle for the Tad Coffin saddle.  Honestly, if they had a vote I think they’d happily swap me for Tad himself, but fortunately they do not get a vote and for now I still have a job.

So you can have that saddle when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers, bwa ha ha ha haaaaa!!!!


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