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Typical Virginia, it has been HOT here all last week.  Fortunately not too humid, thanks to Arthur.  Gotta love hurricanes, especially when they stay off the coast and just dump a bit of rain.  So I haven’t been doing too, too much.  I get on, practice something easy, like gate maneuvers, hose the poor beast down and grab the next.  My big goal is to sit on everything before it hits 90.  That’d be about ten AM.  Time to bring out my Trail Torture Devices again, as I think I have three that would be fine at that.  So:  Tarps, Tires, and the very scary Horse Soccer Ball.  We will see what my boys think of that.

And I am going to bring Tony back up.  He was downgraded to trail horse after we had him vetted.  He is sound, I have to say that.  We just don’t think he will take a pounding, so no foxhunting.  He did a two hour trail ride last year just fine.  Here is his Xmas photo.  He’s a pretty good guy to stand for all that:


Xmas Tony DSC_0557

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  1. Anna says:

    Hot & humid here — typical July; if I can make it through the next 8 weeks of summer, I’ll be OK. I will join the quiet ranks of horse owners who get up early to feed before going to a job that keeps one in money to spend on the horse hobby, starting this Saturday — my boys arrive at my newly built barn! I can’t believe it — 18 mos ago the place was a foreclosed, weed infested mess and now it actually looks like a real horse stable & paddocks!


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