Keswick Farm Tour

Once again we were on Peggy Augustus’ beautiful Old Keswick Farm for the farm tour organized by Grace Church.  I brought Triple Tax Exempt and Robert’s Tribute this year, and they were super stars!  I thought Taxi would be the best choice, as she is super friendly and people oriented, but Robert surprised me. He was friendly, but in a much more reserved, mannerly way.  Much more polite.  When children showed up with carrots, his was the door we went to.  Taxi got a little pushy, looking at everyone who arrived as a human Pez dispenser:  FEED ME!!!!!  I was worried that little fingers might start disappearing. But we made it through the entire day without incident.

What was really cool was that many people started expressing interest in trail / pleasure horses.  I might have a few of those. If anyone calls and is serious, I will haul them all back out of the field for another go ’round. It would be lovely to find these guys a good home.  They all deserve one.

On the flip side, as Virginia is now over run with coyotes, some foxhunt clubs have decided to go ahead and chase them.  Which means if you are not mounted on a thoroughbred, your hunt is over as soon as the hounds take off!  These draft crosses that were so popular simply cannot keep up!  I have had a few calls about trading up to Thoroughbreds.  I don’t have anything that sound at the moment, but hopefully we will start looking for them soon.

Hot and humid in Virginia, needing rain (it is either all or nothing around here), and that’s all I have for now.

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