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Kim’s Blog

Jan 7

Need help!

TRF and Montpelier have renegotiated the leases.  The upshot of the whole deal is that I need to reduce my herd by 23 horses.  If you have room for one or two, please check the foster agreement on and see if you could possibly help me move these horses to caring homes.


Dec 20


I now have another great question to add to my list: Can ya shoot off it?  Absolutely!  Once.  


Dec 9

My coffee is cold

As are my hands, so I am back to two finger typing.  35 and raining again; everybody’s favorite weather.  Since I cleaned a boatload of tack yesterday, I guess I get to scrub toilets today.  Just another one of those jobs volunteers won’t do.  They also don’t show up in the rain, not that I […]


Dec 3

Something to say!

Finally, I have something fun to tell you all, rather than just complaining about the weather (although it was supposed to be 60 degrees, and instead it is cold, grey and windy).  Nancy Lowey came and gave me a lesson today!  I brought out Smash, because I need to get a video of him and […]


Nov 26

Winter has arrived

Monday was seventy degrees.  Today it is snowing.  And I thought Massachusetts weather was unpredictable.  This is just wild.  As soon as Ron gets the tractor fixed, I guess we’ve got to start putting out hay. Monday we also did the fall herd evaluation.  It went well, and everyone got a good score.  Hooray! The […]


Nov 12

Flash has soloed!

Actually, I just popped into the office to update my foot list (who was trimmed/shod) and to look for my sunglasses (found ‘em), but since I am here I will give you an update. Flash did his first solo trip around Montpelier!  I am so proud of him.  It has taken awhile, but he finally […]


Nov 5

Survived the races!

Yep, I know I haven’t been online in a while. I do try to avoid all uses of the computer and internet that I can.  However, here I am, checking in.  Last Saturday was the first plein air painting event to support the TRF at Montpelier at the Montpelier races.  I don’t have numbers, but […]


Oct 8

Report: all well!

I did take Flash to the Mary Schwentker clinic Saturday.  This is the third time I have taken a green horse to her clinic, because I love the way she starts at zero, and can modify her approach, moving as quickly (or not) as the horse and rider need so that everyone leaves with a […]


Sep 29

Got rained out

Not that I am going to complain today.  We really did need it.  It has been so dry I actually tossed round bales in the fields two months early.  The horses aren’t very interested yet, but at least it’s there.  But it means I am stuck in the office. I’ve got four horses on the […]


Sep 16

Unexpected side effect

Okay, yeah, I’m still going on and on about my Tad Coffin saddle, and you are probably sick of hearing about it, but I had to mention one completely unexpected side effect.  The three horses I am now riding exclusively in that saddle have become easy to bridle.  Not that they were ever really difficult […]