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Kim’s Blog

Jun 2


We are all deeply saddened by the sudden loss of our friend Frances Youngblood on May 22, 2014. Frances was kind, generous and smart. She carried a special place in her heart for animals in need and it was her passion to help them. Frances found Luke Hill at TRF Montpelier. Luke couldn’t walk without […]


Jul 30

If this is climate change,

I’ll take it.  55 degrees the last two mornings.  When was the last time anyone in Virginia was wearing polar fleece in July? So, Holly came and rode my adorable Tony again today.  She loves him, and if she had room in the barn, would take him home.  This horse is going to make a […]


Jul 28

Just proof, for those of you who know Bailey

He picked up the right lead.  


Jul 28

Does this look like a horse in pain?

The top photo is Roy finishing his work with Tad Coffin and his snappy new saddle.  He looks pretty darned pleased with himself, doesn’t he?  The horse I mean, not Tad. Not that Tad was displeased, but of the two, Roy has the bigger smile.  Sorry Tad.  Will share more photos.


Jul 26

Go buy a Tad Coffin saddle

Don’t ask why, just do it.  Your horse will thank you. Not buying that?  Okay, let me tell you what I saw today.  I handed him lame horse after lame horse.  I even dragged in Roy who hadn’t been ridden since September, and Bailey, who hadn’t been ridden in years because my vets had written […]


Jul 22


I am up here in the office tidying up while I wait for the vet (more tooth floating).  The horses are being remarkably quiet.  I guess that’s what happens when you bring an entire field in, and no one gets separated or left behind. Anyway, shedding.  My guys are all shedding and we haven’t even […]


Jul 18

Busy week

Yes, we have been busy.  Monday BREC came out to do teeth.  Tuesday I got to hop on a couple and test the left right stop go controls.  Wednesday I had to make two trips to go pick up three foster horses that were being sent home as their foster parent had sold the farm.  […]


Jul 9

Just horse stuff

Typical Virginia, it has been HOT here all last week.  Fortunately not too humid, thanks to Arthur.  Gotta love hurricanes, especially when they stay off the coast and just dump a bit of rain.  So I haven’t been doing too, too much.  I get on, practice something easy, like gate maneuvers, hose the poor beast […]


Jun 27


Our wonderful chiropractor was back on the east coast, and agreed to swing by and adjust Angus.  Angus was like riding a surf board.  Nothing between the ears and the tail bent at all.   Much like the show hunters I have ridden (sorry, show hunter people, but if you ever ever ever get a chance […]


Jun 27

Delaney Eubanks

Hope I spelled that correctly.  It has been brought to my attention that for the last few years, this young lady has been requesting donations be made to TRF rather than receive birthday presents!  Isn’t that something?  Thank you, Delaney.  My horses thank you, too.


Jun 24


A huge shout out to SpectraVET for donating the most gorgeous cold laser to help me better treat my horses!  These gadgets are expensive!  I looked into them a few years ago because I thought I had a few horses who would benefit (and had used them in other stables before to great result.  Heck, […]