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Kim’s Blog

Jun 2


We are all deeply saddened by the sudden loss of our friend Frances Youngblood on May 22, 2014. Frances was kind, generous and smart. She carried a special place in her heart for animals in need and it was her passion to help them. Frances found Luke Hill at TRF Montpelier. Luke couldn’t walk without […]


Nov 26

Winter has arrived

Monday was seventy degrees.  Today it is snowing.  And I thought Massachusetts weather was unpredictable.  This is just wild.  As soon as Ron gets the tractor fixed, I guess we’ve got to start putting out hay. Monday we also did the fall herd evaluation.  It went well, and everyone got a good score.  Hooray! The […]


Nov 12

Flash has soloed!

Actually, I just popped into the office to update my foot list (who was trimmed/shod) and to look for my sunglasses (found ‘em), but since I am here I will give you an update. Flash did his first solo trip around Montpelier!  I am so proud of him.  It has taken awhile, but he finally […]


Nov 5

Survived the races!

Yep, I know I haven’t been online in a while. I do try to avoid all uses of the computer and internet that I can.  However, here I am, checking in.  Last Saturday was the first plein air painting event to support the TRF at Montpelier at the Montpelier races.  I don’t have numbers, but […]


Oct 8

Report: all well!

I did take Flash to the Mary Schwentker clinic Saturday.  This is the third time I have taken a green horse to her clinic, because I love the way she starts at zero, and can modify her approach, moving as quickly (or not) as the horse and rider need so that everyone leaves with a […]


Sep 29

Got rained out

Not that I am going to complain today.  We really did need it.  It has been so dry I actually tossed round bales in the fields two months early.  The horses aren’t very interested yet, but at least it’s there.  But it means I am stuck in the office. I’ve got four horses on the […]


Sep 16

Unexpected side effect

Okay, yeah, I’m still going on and on about my Tad Coffin saddle, and you are probably sick of hearing about it, but I had to mention one completely unexpected side effect.  The three horses I am now riding exclusively in that saddle have become easy to bridle.  Not that they were ever really difficult […]


Sep 10

I do not need a horse. I do not need a horse.

Hey, remember I told you I got a horse back last month because he was “completely unsuitable for any discipline?”  Well, I took him off grain, threw him in a field and gave him a couple of buddies.  After a vetting to see if pain was the main cause of all bad attitude and disobedience […]


Sep 5

We solo’d!

Hey, Chick and Roy went out for solo trail rides today. I guess if I am gonna market a horse as a trail horse, I should see if it will actually go out on a trail, right?  Seemed like a plan, anyway. So, Chick was as bombproof as ever.  Nothing phases the guy, but…  It […]


Sep 2

Too hot to ride

96 degrees yesterday and today, with 70% humidity.  In fact, when I got up, it was 89% humidity.  At least it drops as the temp rises.   Poor horses were begging to come in.  So not a whole lot going on at the moment at the barn.  We are trying to get our labels printed and […]


Aug 26

Bailey got shoes

So, Mr. Bai got his first set of front shoes in three or four years.  Took him for a short spin in the field after that, and it went well.  Hacked him a bit on Montpelier today, and he still doesn’t need a babysitter.  I always rode him alone before and he was fine with […]