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Kim’s Blog

Nov 11

Point of Glory

Please ignore nasty rider.  Isn’t horse cute?


Oct 27

Hey, back again.

Yes, been awhile.  But I had to share with you guys just how well Flash and Glory are doing.  For the right people, they really are ready to go to new homes. Flash and I had another lesson yesterday (thank you Nancy Lowey!!).  He has come SO far!  We really are getting good w/t/c transitions […]


Aug 31

Thanks again to Jeanne and Dave for all the help.

Through Mariposa, up the Dangerous Mountain roads, And pulled in at eight a.m. With his big truckload of hay behind the barn. With winch and ropes and hooks We stacked the bales up clean To splintery redwood rafters High in the dark, flecks of alfalfa Whirling through shingle-cracks of light, Itch of haydust in the […]


Aug 2

Tad Coffin does it again!

I brought up a few more horses to play with, and Mr. Coffin generously offered to come give them a test drive.  The mare hadn’t been ridden in years.  She arrived on Montpelier straight from the New Holland sale with a saddle mark, poultice, over grown feet and a big knee.  We let her rest […]


Jul 16

Tack (and other stuff) sale!

Today my wonderful committee and volunteers spent the afternoon tagging equipment to sell this Saturday, and it was a job!  We still have a bunch more to do, but it should all be set by Saturday.  And Linda P showed up to help!  Bravo for Saratoga for getting down here and getting involved!  We kinda felt […]


Jun 30

Smash and Flash

Gets confusing.  I get their names mixed up.  At any rate, they both went out on a trail ride today that proved to be more than we anticipated.  With all the recent storms, trees are down all over the trails.  Some we had to get off to negotiate (well, J3 got off.  I sat there.  […]


Jun 19

What a morning

Totally unplugged.  As I no longer have an office, everything depends on my cell phone (which is actually a misnomer: it will do almost anything except make calls.  I really have to work to find the Phone Function).  I forgot to bring said “phone” to the barn.  Yeah!  Nice and quiet.  And as it was […]


Jun 14

Keswick Farm Tour

Once again we were on Peggy Augustus’ beautiful Old Keswick Farm for the farm tour organized by Grace Church.  I brought Triple Tax Exempt and Robert’s Tribute this year, and they were super stars!  I thought Taxi would be the best choice, as she is super friendly and people oriented, but Robert surprised me. He […]


May 26

What a weekend

Sunday Wic was putting hay on the ground, and Jeanne3 and Dave “volunteered” to go with me to pick it up.  That was pretty uneventful.  We met at the barn, drove over, picked up hay and filled the bed of the truck and the trailer.  There were still 27 bales left in the field, so […]


May 21

Okay, update.

Yes, I know it has been  awhile, but I really do not like being on the computer no matter what the latest “in” thing is. I don’t like the television, either. So TRF really picked the wrong blogger. I can’t stand that word as well.  So now you know. But I said I would give […]