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Kim’s Blog

April 16

I take it all back

Winter is never going to leave.  I feel like I am stuck in the Narnia Chronicles.  Which was it?  The first:  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  C. S. Lewis.  That one.  Nothing but nonstop winter. Yesterday I wake up and it was 67 degrees and pouring down rain.  Judging by the buckets I […]


April 8


Overwhelmed, that’s how I sometimes feel when the world gears up faster than I do.  Going into winter I start to fret that there’s not much to do.  Then I get used to maintenance mode. Coming into spring, I suddenly have six new horses that need to get cleaned up, shoes on and started, a […]


March 25

Snow, AGAIN?

Are you kidding me?  I ran out of round bales.  Bought more.  Ran out of those.  Now we are tossing the last of the square bales.  Guaranteed that if I plan on nasty weather until April for next year, it will be beautiful and I will be stuck with fifty extra round bales.  Can’t win […]


March 19

I finally did something right

And still got it wrong!  Yeesh.  I did break down and buy more hay after the 8 inches of snow we got down here.  But, I mean, I had it budgeted perfectly right down to the very last bale.  Every year, middle of March, the horses quit the hay and go on to grass.   Even after […]


March 17

Oh no, it didn’t…

Oh yes, it did.  Another eight inches of snow dumped on Montpelier last night.  Fortunately, I did buy hay and put it out on Friday, so the ponies are still eating.  However, enough already!  This winter has been so hard on the horses.  I’m exhausted.  Dave is making dinner (we love Dave) and then I […]


March 12

Wonderful news!

It was 74 degrees here today!  That alone is worth a blog entry.   But the real news is that I may be getting some interesting horses on Montpelier!  A foster farm is closing, so I am taking those horses to another farm, which is willing to swap out for possibly very sound horses.  Isn’t that […]


March 9

Okay, I’m rolling the dice here

The horses seem to have flipped the Spring is Here switch.  Six inches of snow, and they snub the hay, preferring to dig for grass.  They are shedding.  Personally, I think they should hold onto the hair, given the unpredictability of the weather around here lately.  But I have been over ruled.  So, I am […]


March 4

I have lost my sense of humor

It is probably in the front yard, under the six inches of snow we got yesterday.  I must have dropped it on my way in from the car.  Well, I guess I will find it in April, if this stuff ever melts. I am so bummed.  I had the hay perfectly planned.  The timing is […]


February 26

more snow

I am so over snow.  And I am running out of hay.  If this mess doesn’t clear itself up and turn into spring pronto, I have to go find more round bales.  Crappy winter, so they went through a little more than usual.  At least the horses that have to come back to this farm […]


February 22


14 inches of snow, after rain rain rain, and now several days of 60 degrees. I am very, very happy for the warmer temps, believe me, but can we talk mud for a moment? Knee freaking deep. Boot sucking mud. Hah! Reggie wouldn’t come up this morning, so, being the hardworking, dedicated horsewoman that I […]