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Kim’s Blog

Jun 2


We are all deeply saddened by the sudden loss of our friend Frances Youngblood on May 22, 2014. Frances was kind, generous and smart. She carried a special place in her heart for animals in need and it was her passion to help them. Frances found Luke Hill at TRF Montpelier. Luke couldn’t walk without […]


Aug 26

Bailey got shoes

So, Mr. Bai got his first set of front shoes in three or four years.  Took him for a short spin in the field after that, and it went well.  Hacked him a bit on Montpelier today, and he still doesn’t need a babysitter.  I always rode him alone before and he was fine with […]


Aug 22

No longer new. Sigh.

I rode six horses in my new saddle today, and everything went fine.  I am still working on getting the padding right for each one, as I go from 15.2 hands to 17 hands, absolutely no topline or muscle to probably 200 pounds over weight and round as can be.  That, and I’ve only had […]


Aug 21

I almost forgot

  Here is a picture of my lovely new saddle on the beautiful saddle stand Dave had made for me (we love Dave).  I can drop the panels on both sides, and am supposed to keep saddle cleaning stuff in there.  But, I have to admit, I use it largely as a bar.  Hey!  Everybody’s […]


Aug 21

It’s mine all mine!

Yesterday Gerry and I went to Tad Coffin’s shop and picked up my wonderful, latest generation magic saddle!  And while I was tempted to go straight to the computer and blog something like, “You can have it when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers, bwa ha ha ha haaaaa!!!!” I thought perhaps it […]


Aug 19

New saddle!!!!

I am very excited!  I just got word I may be able to pick up my new Tad Coffin saddle tomorrow!  YES!  I can’t wait to start working these horses in their new sneakers.  I already know I like the saddle.  Did I ever tell you my Tad Coffin Saddle Story?  If I did, you […]


Aug 8

Terrific rides

I’ve had some pretty good rides on Tony, Smash and Chick recently.  I am pleased to report that not only have they all unanimously agreed that picking up reins does NOT mean break rider’s nose, they have found their balance, largely (especially Tony, who had a head start last year) and are doing lovely trot […]


Jul 30

If this is climate change,

I’ll take it.  55 degrees the last two mornings.  When was the last time anyone in Virginia was wearing polar fleece in July? So, Holly came and rode my adorable Tony again today.  She loves him, and if she had room in the barn, would take him home.  This horse is going to make a […]


Jul 28

Just proof, for those of you who know Bailey

He picked up the right lead.  


Jul 28

Does this look like a horse in pain?

The top photo is Roy finishing his work with Tad Coffin and his snappy new saddle.  He looks pretty darned pleased with himself, doesn’t he?  The horse I mean, not Tad. Not that Tad was displeased, but of the two, Roy has the bigger smile.  Sorry Tad.  Will share more photos.


Jul 26

Go buy a Tad Coffin saddle

Don’t ask why, just do it.  Your horse will thank you. Not buying that?  Okay, let me tell you what I saw today.  I handed him lame horse after lame horse.  I even dragged in Roy who hadn’t been ridden since September, and Bailey, who hadn’t been ridden in years because my vets had written […]