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Kim’s Blog

May 21

Okay, update.

Yes, I know it has been  awhile, but I really do not like being on the computer no matter what the latest “in” thing is. I don’t like the television, either. So TRF really picked the wrong blogger. I can’t stand that word as well.  So now you know. But I said I would give […]


Apr 20

Things have been crazy

So, I had to arrange to get twenty horses sent to Aimee (poor Aimee.  She probably sees horses in her sleep about now, she’s got so many), move everyone out of the top fields, figure out which stupid geldings hated each other, move them again, and empty out the top barn.  My tack room is […]


Feb 21

Still cold

Dang.  I was at work until 6:45 last night, busting open water tanks and running water out to fields in the pickup (thank Dog for Mike and Francis Youngblood and four wheel drive).  Tom Chapman thankfully figured out that one of the tanks’ floats had frozen in the up position, thus indicating to said tank […]


Feb 15

Steuart Pittman

Steuart said something in an interview once, that I cut out and stuck to my refrigerator, as it truly spoke to me. “It can be difficult turning your hobby into your job. You have to remind yourself that you do it because it’s what you love, and you are lucky to get to do something […]


Feb 11

Vewy Scawy!

For those of you too young to remember Elmer Fudd, that translates as Very Scary.  Which is what Flash thought of his solo hack around Montpelier this morning.  Had I known of all the nonsense that was going on, I probably wouldn’t have bothered to venture out, as it was only 26 degrees.  But you […]


Feb 5

Yes, it has been awhile

But it is winter, and for the most part, we just survive winter.  Hay, water, breaking ice, horse checks.  Mud.  Rain.  Cold.  Thankfully no snow so far this year!  Yesterday it got to fifty degrees, so I took Bailey for a walk in the woods.  We got lost.  He got tired.  Me too.  We are […]


Jan 7

Need help!

TRF and Montpelier have renegotiated the leases.  The upshot of the whole deal is that I need to reduce my herd by 23 horses.  If you have room for one or two, please check the foster agreement on and see if you could possibly help me move these horses to caring homes.


Dec 20


I now have another great question to add to my list: Can ya shoot off it?  Absolutely!  Once.  


Dec 9

My coffee is cold

As are my hands, so I am back to two finger typing.  35 and raining again; everybody’s favorite weather.  Since I cleaned a boatload of tack yesterday, I guess I get to scrub toilets today.  Just another one of those jobs volunteers won’t do.  They also don’t show up in the rain, not that I […]


Dec 3

Something to say!

Finally, I have something fun to tell you all, rather than just complaining about the weather (although it was supposed to be 60 degrees, and instead it is cold, grey and windy).  Nancy Lowey came and gave me a lesson today!  I brought out Smash, because I need to get a video of him and […]