Last new guy.

This one is called Dunemoor.  Dunny for short.  Dunny’s pics weren’t all that hot, because he refused to stand still and he refused to smile.  I keep telling him we really don’t work all that hard here.  As long as you cooperate, it’s just a quick spin in the ring, or a hop over a little fence, maybe a trail ride.  I think he said something like, “Honey, anything that doesn’t involve food is work, so go BEEEP.  And I hate BEEEP pictures!  Get that camera out of my face and let me go eat!  BEEEP BEEEP BEEP.”  So Jeanne and I chased him in circles while he pouted.  Good thing she’s got one of those cameras that take, what, fifty frames a second?  At least he isn’t a brown blur.  Dunny is eleven this year, and was already adopted out and knows a whole lot more than he lets on.  If you don’t ask the right question, he doesn’t volunteer the answer.  We are getting much better, as he realizes that I wasn’t kidding: very short easy rides.  And he’s paying attention on the lunge (Earth to Dunny!  I’m still here!  “Whatever.”)  I don’t know what he was expecting, but in his mind, if it ain’t food, it ain’t good.  But I like him.  He seems to like going out.  So we are going to give trails a try.

Upon rereading this, I make him sound like an evil jerk.  He isn’t.  Just not quite yet willing to admit that he isn’t running the show anymore.   I’ll figure it out.  Huh.  This picture is really dark.   The changes didn’t save.  Lawdy lawdy this computer stuff is a real pain in the BEEP.  And seriously, if he turned his head just a little, it’d look like a fence post was jammed up his schnoz.


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  1. Sandy says:

    I don’t think those pictures look bad!


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