Okay, I finally have something entertaining to say, but not the time to type it. Here goes:

Last week is was somewhere between 16 and 25 degrees all week, so of course, the tractor wouldn’t start. Not plugged in, not with heat lamps, nothing. After three days of tinkering and replacing filters and whatnot, we finally discover the fuel pump was bad. Had to get through the obvious first. Good thing Ron had put out hay before it got that cold.

Next, it warms up and rains. It is now 60 and beautiful out, but there is no water at the green barn. I discover this yesterday, inform Montpelier, who discover that in all that cold, the pipes must have broken somewhere between the pump and the tower. Okaaay. Well, we’ve done the no water thing before, right? I got that drill down. So, I put out a tank, put the water holder thingy in the back of my truck and putter on down to the other barn to fill up. Wanna guess what’s next? Completely unrelated, stinkbugs have destroyed the fuse panel, hence no electric. And no electric means no pump, and you know what that means, don’t you? NO WATER! So now I’m feeling pretty happy about topping all the tanks off that morning, but it still doesn’t solve my immediate problem. But, I figure only one field in need tonight, I’ll just run home and fill up there (anyone want to guess where this is headed?). I back up to the house and park the truck. Then I go down to the cellar to attach the hose, but surprise surprise. When the guys were there replacing the water filter, I guess they decided to replace the schnozzle thiingie, too, because there was a brand new one. A brand new one that is TWO INCHES two short, doesn’t clear the block, and there is NO WAY I can attach a hose… So I go call Montpelier again and ask if there is ANY running water on the property? Yes, and Bill drives all the way back to show me where. Thanks, Bill.

Okay, tank full, I head out to the field to fill up the other tank for the ponies. Since it is gravity operated, I had cleverly placed the water trough on a hill so the water would drain out of the tank faster. I park above the tank. I drop the tailgate and climb in to push the water tank closer to the edge. Well… Rain, red mud, hillside. Gravity really freaking works! Both the water tank and I go flying out the back and land in the mud. I got the job done, but I tell ya, I went home and poured a BIG glass of wine.

We still have no water, so it looks like I will get to repeat my performance again this evening.

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  1. Anna says:

    Should be pretty cold up your way this morning with the front. We were in the low 80s — unpleasant for the horses with winter coats — then the rain came through about 10:30pm. They were inside the barn. Today we need sheets to get them used to the cold again! Crazy


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