Mardi Gras party

Hey all, we had another meeting today to actually bang out the numbers and determine if throwing a Mardi Gras party (while a heck of a lot of fun) would actually make the horses a bit of cash.  First time efforts are always difficult, and we weren’t sure.  But thankfully I have quite a bit of talent on my committee!  One current banker, a retired banker, a retired marketing expert…  I think we are going to be okay.  Watching them juggle numbers and scenarios today was enlightening (and I am SO glad all I have to do is take care of the horses! OMD!  Snake bites are nothing!).

So I will attach a couple photos.  One is of my lovely group of volunteers getting organized to take pics for Christmas.  I swear the lady with the mask is in the witness protection program.  She did not want to be in any pictures at all, and only agreed to pose for this one with a mask.  Hmm.

Volunteers at Work DSC_0571

Enzo, also, posed under duress.  After the ladies finished with the horses, they thought Zo would be a lovely model.  While Roy was a star and LOVED the attention, Zo wasn’t convinced any respectable dog would wear a santa hat.  It took a little reassurance, but he bit the bone and sat for his photo.

Enzo Santa


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  1. Anna says:

    Enzo is quite the photogenic dog!


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