Today I hopped on Meddling. She was totally fine with that idea. A little worried at first, but not tense at all! We did a little walk and trot, left and right, and I hopped off. She answered the question correctly. Actual “stuff” can start next week. I think she will make a fine riding horse for somebody. I probably told you about her before: a 13 year old ex-broodmare. Super easy keeper. I wish I could bold or italicize “super,” but as soon as I get some stinking program figured out, some stinking programmer feels the need to justify his job and changes it. It was easy before. Now I can’t find squat so I don’t bother with these stinking posts.

But the mare was wonderful. Now I need to find a babysitter to take these horses out on trails (yet another job at which Flash is failing miserably. Poor Flash).

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