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Message for Saratoga

Hi guys. I need a couple days off. I’ve got to go to Pennsylvania and kill a groundhog. Won’t take long.
Yeesh, we are back to 37 and rain. This is the worst kind of weather. The horses do 3 degrees and sunny much better than 37 and raining. Speaking of rain, I hear the state of Georgia has been named the sixth great lake. The acronym is now GHOMES. Couldn’t we send some of this to California? They really want it.

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  1. Anna says:

    I have a sibling in Nevada — they would like it to snow in the mts for skiing — they can have our precip and more! I’ve been only able to get one day of riding in each week due to the crappy weather, and you’re right about the horses liking it cool & dry! One of mine made a hole-y mess of his blanket, but my barn owner felt it was her fault so she bought me another one — how many boarders have that happen, I ask you??


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