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more snow

I am so over snow.  And I am running out of hay.  If this mess doesn’t clear itself up and turn into spring pronto, I have to go find more round bales.  Crappy winter, so they went through a little more than usual.  At least the horses that have to come back to this farm have agreed to stay at their farm until spring.  I explained my hay situation (I just didn’t budget on ten extra ponies to feed), and they were very understanding.

As usual for February, every February, I start pining for warmer weather.  Sometimes I go sit in a tanning booth and pretend I’m on the beach.  For ten minutes, at least, I feel a little better.  Too bad they don’t make horse-sized tanning beds.  I think I have a few horses here who would gladly take me up on that offer!  Not to mention all my help.  Too bad we can’t hibernate.

So, we are still in limbo down here.  Happens every winter, so I should be used to it.  And right up to the middle of February, I do fine.  And then…  Horses drop weight no matter how much hay is out there.  Hay sometimes runs low (like this year, and in 2009/10 after the huge storms) and we have to scramble.  Planning for spring vacs and wormer and finding that stuff.  Anxiety attacks…  And then it is May and all is right in the world once more!  Whew!  Go May!

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  1. Anna says:

    I used to get the February Blues as well. But at least it will be March soon…

  2. Sandy says:

    I bet it’s snowing right now….


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