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More spring

Tamio was here for another round of feet.  Allergies clobbered him, so he didn’t do a whole lot.  We rescheduled.  Also, he usually brings a couple apprentices so we can walk through the whole herd in a day.  With this in mind, I had five people show up for catching and holding.  His help bailed on him.  He was solo today, so most of us stood around and watched him work.  When your sinuses are killing you, it must be an absolute joy to bend over and trim feet.  Not.

Henry had a visitor, who liked him well enough to arrange to come back and work with him a bit.  Yay!  Maybe he will get a home.  That would crush Flash, though, as the two of them play all day.

Speaking of Flash, he did two solo walks this week.  On Monday he marched straight over the bridge, no problem, but the white flowers were horrifying!  On Wednesday, it took ten minutes just to get him near the bridge!  He didn’t notice the flowers.  So unpredictable, and that’s the worst!  If I could definitively say, “Flash hates X,” then we could work on or avoid X.  Nope.  He just throws curve balls.  nonstop.

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