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More winter weather

I guess that miserable little rodent was right.  I haven’t yet had a chance to run up to PA, but I will soon.   That gopher is stew meat!  In fact, Saratoga?  Anyone going through PA soon?  I know Sara lives on the road.  Perhaps we could arrange a little mission?

Otherwise, all is well.  Ron put out extra hay today just in case we get hammered tonight.  Blankets on.  Water running.  As usual, I am cleaning tack.  All bad winter days, and any rainy other day, I earn my keep by cleaning tack.  Even if it hasn’t been used, I have learned over the years that one still has to keep cleaning and conditioning tack.  The stuff is expensive, why wouldn’t anyone take care of it?  I was until recently using my mother’s tack, which she of course bought way before I was born.  So, if one is conscientious, and buys quality, one can expect 50 years out of a piece of tack?  Guess so.

Anyway, everyone was standing and eating and looking fine when I left this evening.  If I wake up to a foot of snow, I will put my help on hold.  It is my job to make certain the horses are well.  If there is no need for the rest of my people to come in, they can make up their time elsewhere.  And they always do.

I don’t think I moved far enough south.  Of course, Georgia is under water, so maybe I did.

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  1. Anna says:

    Most of us did oK yesterday, just cold & rainy — Atlanta got smacked hard and most of South Carolina with major ice though. You will have bright & shiny tack for sure!

  2. Sandy says:

    Maybe Mexico is the answer.
    Snowing like crazy here. Diana claimed it was -25 at her house yesterday morning. It was -18 here. Plastic water buckets become fine wineglasses, one tap breaks them into pieces.

  3. Bill Lacy says:

    Snow, rain, mud and frozen water buckets can be remembered somewhat fondly in the Spring, until then winter days need to be endured.
    Hey, its’ only 77 days until May!!! 🙂


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