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My latest crisis

Okay. Here it is: I HATE RAIN. Art at the Barn is this Sunday. Six days away. It is too wet to mow the grass and bush hog the fields, so the place really isn’t looking up to snuff. Add that to the fact that we have always parked in the front field, which is currently underwater, and I am having anxiety attacks. And guess what???? 70 FREAKING PERCENT CHANCE OF RAIN TOMORROW! This would drive even a Mormon to drink (total religious disclaimer: I had a friend in the army. He was a Mormon. Said they did not drink. That’s all I know about that and TRF had nothing to do with this post).

Worse news: my favourite brown filly has a big, bad abscess. She can hardly hop. That’s the what? fourth abscess we’ve had because of all this rain? I hate rain. Did I mention that? I really hate the rain.

On the bright side (I always try to do a bright side. Not that it actually works, but then you won’t think I’m just sitting here whining. I am, but you don’t know that for certain, because here comes the bright side), J3 is finally over the flu and came out this morning. We got on Gator and Swing straight away before it started raining again, and at least got to spend an hour in the saddle. It rained on us before we got back to the barn, but at least we were on a horse.

And Heir to the Stone finished his quarantine and was let out into the Arlington field. Now he has friends. Yay!

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  1. Sandy says:

    Why havent you mentioned mosquitos? No bugs in Virginia? Cause I’m on my way down if thats true.
    Up here, they have mobilized into a structured air assault force. Each attacker is not particularly large, but crafty and agile and hungry. They have figured out how to get through screens and may be sophisticated enough to get through glass (though we still researching these reports).

    • Jeanne1@ Montpelier says:

      STINK BUGS! You can’t kill them because that’s when they stink. They’re everywhere!!!!!! They come in to get warm and then hide in your sweater drawer until discovered.

  2. KWilkins says:

    Stink bugs: vacuum them up, take them outside, douse them in gasoline and toast the little buggers.


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