New guy, Teddy

Okay, we got some pictures that look one heck of a lot better than what I took with my camera/phone. You’ve heard of The Not Quite Ready For Prime Time players? Well, we’ve got the not quite ready for the Chronicle photo group here. I could’t keep anyone still, so poor Jeanne had to keep leaping around. And then it was just too bright out. Makes for harsh shadows. So, without photo shop or anything cool like that, may I present New Pony Pictures! Please ignore the trees sticking out of their heads and stuff like that.

Anyway, This is Mighty Tuff, aka Teddy. He’s 15.3 I think, and is a lovely mover. Came off the track last fall after ten races, and spent the winter out. Now he’s got shoes and is ready to roll. I think he’d make a great event horse. And he’s super sweet. Spent the whole time while getting shod with his head on my shoulder. Did I mention he is 5, and aside from a splint there’s nothing visibly wrong with him at all. He passed his intake exam with flying colors! I doubt this one will stick around long. He’s just too much fun.  Ah crap.  Look.  Somehow during the trip from my computer to this post, Teddy lost his head.   Oh!  It’s back!  Weird.  Maybe it just took a long way here.

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