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New guys

Okay, right quiick (as my southern buddies say), before I go make rounds (it’s dark at 5:30!), I’ll tell you about the new guys. We brought them in the barn with all the others this morning, gave them breakfast and set them up with hay and water for the day. I don’t know if they were kept in stalls at Wallkill or not, and if not, when the last time they saw the inside of a barn was. So. Could have been exciting. As fortune would have it however, they got used to the idea (not before completely trashing the stalls), ate their hay, and only whinnied a few times. They got a haircut (looking spiffy!) and a brushing and were fitted with new clothes. Wild and Royal (now known as “Roy” over the protests of J3. I like it. He seems like a Roy) is an 81 in a Rambo (which run big). And that’s not even at his fighting weight yet! This boy is BIG! Good thing he seems like a sweetheart (bet the girls said that about Ted Bundy, too…..). Then back out. All in all, a good, calm first day in the new routine.

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