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New guys!

Now I will have lots of new ammo to blog about, as we got three new geldings at Montpelier last night. Bob got stuck in PA, so they didn’t arrive until 11pm, but that usaully is the case. 11 is actually pretty early.So here they are:

Regent Spirit. 9 yo grey gelding. Very pretty mover! Not particularly impressed with his new living accomodations.

Tonga. Very dark bay, 5 years old and friendly.

Wild and Royal. Big! About 16.2, I’d guess, and just plain large. Seems friendly, but just didn’t know what to think of us.  Oh, chestnut and six years old.

They all passed the vet check, so I look forward to starting with them in the next few days. First they have to settle, and all are in need of a haircut. We’ll give ’em a bath, find them new clothes, and put ’em in the program. Guess this means I will finallly have to call Sandy and figure out how to get them on the adoptable page.

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  1. KWilkins says:

    Wow. Those pictures just popped in any old place they wanted. And I thought I had the hang of this stuff. Never mind. I’ve got to go home and make dill sauce for the smaked salmon. Tomorrow is race day!


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