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New saddle!!!!

I am very excited!  I just got word I may be able to pick up my new Tad Coffin saddle tomorrow!  YES!  I can’t wait to start working these horses in their new sneakers.  I already know I like the saddle.  Did I ever tell you my Tad Coffin Saddle Story?  If I did, you get to hear it all over again now.

This happened several years ago.  Background: Keswick Hunt Club hunts Montpelier, and they park their trailers in the field next to my barn.  So what happens is this:

One Saturday I am puttering about doing the morning herd check when I get to the big field.  In this field is a large chestnut gelding, all tacked up, and steaming like he’d been running for miles.  I say the horse was there, no mention of rider, because the rider was NOT there.  Hmmm.  I have about thirty head in that field.  As I occasionally pose as a responsible adult, I figure I had best get said horse out of said field before the herd notices he is there at all.  So I catch him up, holler a few times for the rider, hear nothing, not even hounds, and we exit the field.

Now, since I am lazy and it is about a two mile walk from where I stood with the horse and where I knew the trailers would be, I decide walking was out.  Besides, he was already tacked up.  With a Tad Coffin Saddle.  Heh.  Up I get and we walk towards the trailers.  The stirrups were even the right length.  Pretty nice.  By the time I get to my barn I am starting to think, “Finders, keepers.”  But my conscience got the better of me (I will have to speak to my mother about that) and I took him to the parking lot.

I spent five, maybe ten minutes in that field hollering, “Keswick!”  and had just about decided Santa Claus had come early, and the horse and saddle really were for me, when a rather bedraggled woman stumbled out of the woods and claimed everything.  Damn.  Conscience is definitely overrated.

But now, years later,  I finally get my very own Tad Coffin Saddle! Yes! Yes! Yes!  Woohoo!  Maybe Santa was punishing me for coveting my neighbors saddle.

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